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Workshop on Analogue Gravity for Condensed Matter Physics

runs within the framework of the 2018 Journée de la Matière Condensée Conference 28th, 29th and 30st of August 2018,   Grenoble, France


Dr Maxime Jacquet, University of St Andrews (UK) and Vienna (Austria)
Dr Germain Rousseaux, Institut Pprime CNRS-University of Poitiers-ISAE ENSMA (France)

Since the 1980s, we know that it is theoretically possible to create laboratory analogues to gravitation. As early as in the 2000s, condensed matter experiments have enabled the observation of interesting phenomena, such as the creation of event horizons for waves in media.


If the initial aim of these research programmes was to observe Hawking Radiation in the laboratory, recent theoretical and experimental progresses have unveiled a futur beyond this outstanding challenge of modern science. This new trend is the result of intense collaborations between theorists and experimentalists at the forefront of condensed matter physics. The analogue gravity programme thus is at the crossway between General Relativity, Quantum Physics, and condensed matter physics. It involves hydrodynamics, nonlinear optics, acoustics, ultra-cold gases, and super- and supra-conductor sciences.

Within the framework of the JMC 2018, this workshop on the theme of analogue gravity for condensed matter physics will be a unique opportunity to discuss both the latest progresses and the future of experiments and theory of analogue horizons, Hawking Radiation, black-hole lasing, wormholes, etc. We want this workshop to be a privileged platform for the young generation of researchers who work on these themes toward their PhD and/or postdoc. Thus, we hope this will facilitate cross-generation networking between all protagonists of the domain. To this end, we wish to reach out to the communities of analogue gravity, and condensed matter physics in general, as well as to people interested in the philosophy and the foundations of Physics.


If you are interested in these research themes, submit an abstract to the JMC! There is no need to have major results to present, we first and foremost hope to gather the largest and most enthusiastic community possible. Poster contributions are still welcome!

Invited speaker: Iacopo Carusotto, University of Trento.

List of participants: Alberto Amo, David Bermudez, Omar Boughdad, Sabin Carlos, Léo-Paul Euvé, Quentin Glorieux, Rosie Hayward, Mathieu Isoard, Karl Joulain, Friedrich König, Sascha Lang, Ulf Leonhardt, Calum Maitland, Charles Robson, Vyome Singh, Dmitry Solyshkov, Raphael Schmit, Manuele Tettamanti and Theo Torres.

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